THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU that helped a lot. Some of my problems are neurological+asthma so pneumonia one was also wonderful, you’re the best💕💕💕💕


you’re so welcome! since you had to wait for a reply, here’s another irredeemably fluffy little will story from further down the road in their relationship (let’s say after hannibal comes clean about being the chesapeake ripper).

  • after he wakes up from a nap one afternoon, will wanders downstairs in search of his papa. he isn’t in the kitchen, like will expected; instead, he’s in the dining room, setting the table with what looks to be a very nice new tea set. it’s will-sized, which makes will giggle, but then he remembers that boys aren’t supposed to have tea parties, and he stops giggling.
  • hannibal beckons him over. “i give parties,” he reminds will, pulling will’s thumb out of his mouth.
  • “that’s different. you don’t invite Padengia to those,” because there is will’s bear–hadn’t he gone to sleep with it, though?–sitting at the head of the table, head just peeking over.
  • “i had tea parties when i was little.” hannibal takes will’s other thumb out of his mouth. “thumbs are for tiny wills, darling.”
  • he doesn’t feel tiny anymore, not like this morning. will frowns, but he sticks his thumbs in his pockets. papa smiles–the real smile, the big smile–and will smiles back. it’s nice.
  • even if he does still want his thumb back.
  • “you made tea parties?” papa nods. “with your sister?” papa nods again, more slowly. will climbs into his lap; talking about almost-aunt mischa makes papa sad, so will wraps his arms around his neck. “did she make you do it?”
  • hannibal holds will tightly. “no,” he says, “i liked them, too. i gave them, and she attended.”
  • “did you make invitations?”
  • “of course.”
  • “did you make her write back?”
  • “no,” says hannibal, catching the chuckle in his chest, relaxing bit by bit. “no, i did not.”

gushing below the cut


Ugh this is so freakin’ adorable I can’t even stand it. Hannibal indulging Will and Will being careful about the whole Mischa thing! And you just about killed me with the boys can’t have tea parties thing. Ugh! SO CUTE.

I love that you include Will looking out for Hannibal too. So many writers of little!play fics concentrate on the papa/daddy being all big and caretaker extraordinaire and don’t bother showing how it’s a symbiotic relationship and not just one-sided. Thank you!!

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