Thanks to little!Will now I have an entirely new kink and emotions and I’m dying you’re amazing


i just love him and want him to be a happy smol when he needs to be so that he is a happy tol more often. i want him to accept himself–all of himself, all of his darkness–when he’s an adult, too. to be able to think about it as an adult instead of through a child’s mindset. to be more forgiving of his murderous desires.

  • it’s a little like watching mischa all over again, hannibal thinks, guiding her and teaching her all of the important things that the governess wouldn’t: how to skip rocks and catch fireflies and hunt rabbits
  • will already knows how to do those things, but he’s eager to hunt other prey, and make different crafts
  • hannibal’s surprised by how uneasy the idea makes him–this should be what he wants, shouldn’t it, a protege, a young man to mentor–but will is too young, so hannibal says no
  • he gets a call very, very late one night, long after he and adult!will have parted ways for the evening (will only wants to hunt and kill and sculpt as a child; perhaps that is what unnerves hannibal, the reminder of himself)
  • “will? are you alright?” because hannibal knows something must be wrong, for will to call him at four in the morning
  • “i did it, papa” and hannibal’s heart leaps into his throat because he’s so proud and so astoundingly terrified
  • he drives
  • he arrives
  • it isn’t his little!will sitting in the middle of a spray of gore like he expected; it isn’t the will that called him and babbled and chirped happily over the phone like any excited child
  • no, this is very much adult!will, sitting there, beaming, covered in blood, a self integrated and in balance, a violent angel that makes hannibal’s breath falter
  • “it’s beautiful, isn’t it?” will asks, calmer than hannibal’s ever seen him outside of his headspace, and oh, it is; it is; it is



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