The Signs’ Traits As Lovers


Aries: Passionate, attentive, loving, intense, impatient, confident, alluring. 

Taurus: Sensual, physical, affectionate, slow and steady, charming, conversational, protective, thoughtful, passionate. 

Gemini: Passionate, friendly, flirty, light-hearted, frivolous, pleasure-seeking, witty, unattainable, fantasy. 

Cancer: Graceful, appealing, emotional, guarded, secretive, tough, imaginative, sensual, romantic, adventurous, finicky, loyal. 

Leo: High expectations, glamorous, attention-seeking, exciting, memorable, romantic, affectionate, warm, alluring, demanding, critical. 

Virgo: Classy, graceful, composed, funny, reserved, facade, sensitive, careful, passionate, mysterious, loving. 

Libra: Charmer, active, true romantic, thoughtful, independent, needs admiration, giving, pleasing, understanding.

Scorpio: Passionate, caring, thoughtful, charming, protective, intense, all or nothing, stubborn, imaginative, romantic, demanding. 

Sagittarius: Loyal, independent, charming, low-maintenance, pleasant, adventurous, sensual, not overly affectionate, friendly, magnetic, conversational.

Capricorn: Slow to warm up, clear, reserved, take-care attitude, desires true romance, passionate, sincere, faithful, independent. 

Aquarius: Independent, goofy, friendly, passionate, accepting, honest, not overly affectionate, unconventional, reserved, magnetic, communication. 

Pisces: Passionate, changeable, wanting to fix, attentive, sensitive, listener, adventurous, romantic, intriguing, protective, alluring, charming, conversational.

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