Title: Lifeforce
Pairing(s): Main pairings of Sam/Dean/Castiel/Jody, Jess/Kevin/Ash, and Charlie/Jo/Benny, but also all of the above engage in a mass orgy
Word Count: 5.5k
Movie adaptation, aliens, vampires, AU, non-major character death (none of he above), orgy, threesome, foursome, group sex, femslash, slash, het, telepathy, sci-fi horror

When a space mission encounters an alien craft, the humanoids within are brought aboard the shuttle. Back on Earth, the extraterrestrials suck the life force out of various citizens, turning the city into a war zone of roaming half-dead people. When Dean Winchester and his crew realize what is happening, they know they have to do something.  They have to find the space-vampire aliens.

Link: AO3

This is a retelling of the 1985 sci-fi horror movie Lifeforce. It’s my favorite movie ever, and in order to keep the word count on this down, I took out scenes and situations that were in the movie, and I also changed things because I felt like it.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend watching this movie. Be sure to watch the director’s cut because that extra 20 or so minutes explains SO MUCH, yet it was cut out of the theater version.


“Commander, come in.  This is Churchill.”

Dean flinched,
shaking his head inside the helmet to clear it a little.  He turned to
look at his brother and found Sam staring at the creatures just like
he’d been until the voice blaring through the speakers in his helmet had
distracted him.

“Sam, Sammy,” Dean said, adjusting his grip on the camera in his left hand.

didn’t want to lose it or they’d have his hide.  Millions had been
spent on the space mission, thousands on the camera itself, and if Dean
lost it in the cavernous space that they were in, he’d never hear the
end of it back home on Earth.

“Sam!” Dean yelled, relieved when
Sam flinched and turned to look at him, eyes a bit unfocused, but at
least he was aware of his surroundings.

“I-I’m okay,” Sam said, giving Dean a smile.

“Commander Winchester!” Charlie said, her voice laced with some panic.

“Sorry, Churchill, we’re here,” Dean said.

“What do you see?” she asked.  "The camera stopped transmitting as soon as we lost visual of you out the window.“

used his spacesuit’s thrusters to turn a full 360 degrees, but he
didn’t see anything that would interfere with the signal.  "Everything’s
fine in here.  Maybe the rock isn’t so much sediment as it is heavy

“Well, whatever it is, we’re not seeing shit.  Tell us what you see.”

Dean let out a huff of laughter.  "A naked dude and two naked chicks.“

There was silence for a moment, then, "Quit fuckin’ around,” Charlie said, and Dean could just hear her rolling her eyes.

not fuckin’ around,” Sam said.  "We’re looking at a humanoid male and
two humanoid females, perhaps in their late 20s or early 30s in

There was a small gasp.  "Get it on camera!”

“I got it,” Dean said, holding the camera up as he used his thrusters to show the bodies from different angles.

“Okay, we need more detail so Houston can give us instructions.”

floated closer, carefully resting his hands on the box that held the
male.  "He’s encased in what looks like a glass box.  His chest is
moving, so I think he’s asleep.  Maybe a stasis chamber?“

Houston send some people up here and forget about them?” Dean asked,
only half joking.  Who knew what the higher-ups decided to do when they
were sending out crews for exploration.

Charlie sighed.  "I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.  They don’t tell me everything, you know.“

Dean heard the proximity warning go off inside the ship.  "Charlie?  Everything okay?”

“Oh, shit!” Charlie hissed.  "Shit!  Oh, shit!“

turned toward the entrance of the cave they were in as if he could see
what was happening.  "What?  What’s going on?  Charlie!?”

“Something’s coming out of the-oh shit!” Charlie breathed.

talk to me!” Dean said, ready to make his way back to the ship.  He
could hear the others back on the ship scrambling about and working on
the computers.

“It stopped,” Charlie said.  "Something branched
out, like a…  I can’t even describe it.  If I had to guess, I’d say
some kind of net or long-range dish to pick up signals.  It opened up
out of the end of the, well, I guess you guys are in a ship and not a
chunk that fell off that comet.  Anyway, the thing that just deployed is
fuckin’ massive, but now that it’s spread out, it’s just sitting there.
 It’s easily fifty times the size of our ship.“

"Everything okay?” Dean asked.

I think so,” Charlie said, “but it spooked me.  It’s creepy, so get
naked dude and naked chicks and let’s put some distance between us and
this thing so I can scan it from a safe distance.”

“Hey, I’m the one who gives the orders,” Dean grumbled.

“Shut up and get in here,” Charlie said.  "Are the chicks hot?“

"Fuck yeah,” Sam said.  "Dude’s got a little too much dick for your taste, but I’d do all of them.“

chuckled.  "Well, get them back here.  Let’s take a look at them.  
Houston can give us shit later for bringing them onto the ship, but
right now I want all of you back in here with us.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Dean said.


   Thirty Days Later

   an undisclosed military site on earth

Benny rolled his eyes and patted Dean on the back.  "He’s not yours, you know.“

know that,” Dean said, shoving his friend and crew mate as they headed
for the showers.  They’d been in space nearly three months, and Dean
couldn’t wait to have a hot shower.

Ash snorted.  "They’re gonna do whatever the fuck they want to the three of them.“

Charlie was already stripping out of her uniform as they walked into the locker room.  "Just try not to think about it.”

hadn’t spoken since they’d been recovered from the drop site, and she
had bags under her eyes.  The mission had taken a lot out of her and she
was ready to be back on Earth, maybe even take a vacation.  "Not
thinking about it even now,“ she said, dropping clothes as she walked
into the shower area.

"I can’t help it,” Dean said.  "They
wouldn’t let us open the cases, and they just took them once we landed.
Who knows what they’re going to do to them!“

"It’s not our business,” Charlie said, tossing her smelly undershirt at him before she yanked her underwear down.

threw the shirt back in her face and pulled his own shirt off.  "I
know, but they’re living, breathing creatures.  What if they just start
torturing them to see what makes them tick?“

"That’s why we don’t
get paid the big bucks,” Sam said.  "We’re the grunts.  We keep our
heads down, and we do our job.  We don’t ask questions.“

kicked his clothes under the bench and stalked off toward the showers.  
"What if they’re the last surviving member of their civilization, and
they have all this awesome technology and advancements in medicine, but
we never find out because they either kill them or they traumatize them,
so they never tell us about all that shit?”

“If you’re that worried about it,” Kevin said, “why don’t you talk to Crowley?”

“You’re not worried about them?” Dean asked, scowling at Sam as they started the water.

“Of course I am,” Sam said, “but we don’t get a say in what happens to any of them.”

decided he didn’t want to talk about it anymore and just enjoyed his
shower.  None of them hurried, and it was a long time before Charlie
finally said something about food and shut the water off.

“Yeah, I’m hungry too,” Ash said.

as Dean opened his mouth to request the biggest steak to have ever
landed on a plate, an alarm went off and all the red warning lights in
the building started flashing.

“Containment breach.  Lockdown initiated.”

“Fuck,” Benny breathed.


The moment the locker room door opened hours later, guards descended upon them, handcuffing them and carting them all off.

going on?” Dean asked, not really fighting them so much as twisting
around to see if his crew mates were going the same way he was, and once
he saw that they were, he let the guards direct him down hallways and
through areas he’d never been in before.

He’d never been to Crowley’s office, but he recognized the screaming from the end of the hallway.

I don’t care if they don’t believe me,” Crowley yelled.  "I’m fucking
NASA.  I’m the fucking military!  I’m fucking god here!  Get me

The phone hit the wall and shattered near Charlie’s
head.  She ducked even though it wouldn’t have hit her anyway.  The
guards sat them down on the couches and chairs in the room, then most of
them filed out of the office, leaving Dean’s crew with Crowley and two
other men Dean had never met.  Two guards stayed by the door at

Crowley threw himself down onto his office chair, and
it was only then Dean realized Ruby was in the room.  She was on the
floor in the corner, legs crossed and acting as a surface for her
laptop.  She was completely engrossed in whatever she was doing, and the
worry line in her forehead made Dean’s stomach clench even more.

Ruby wasn’t easily flustered like Crowley, and if Ruby was upset, that meant shit was going down.  Bad shit.

"Commander Winchester,” Crowley said, face still a little red from all the screaming.


Crowley said, waving a hand in Dean’s direction like he didn’t give a
shit what Dean wanted to be called.  "I want to know what happened on
that ship.“

Dean was sitting on the couch in the middle, Sam on
his left and Benny on his right.  Charlie was in one of the leather
chairs facing Crowley’s desk, Kevin to her right.  Ash was on the
loveseat with Jody.

"After we got video of the comet, we discovered something drifting,” Dean said, taking the lead since it was his crew.

yes, I know that,” Crowley nearly spit.  "We were in contact with you
lot, remember?  I want to know what happened after you got back onto the
ship with the aliens.“

"Shit, they are aliens!” Kevin said excitedly, scooting to the edge of his seat.

didn’t know?” Crowley asked, eyes wide.  "You had those things on the
ship for a month and it never crossed your minds that they were not of
this world?“

Dean glanced at his crew, then met Crowley’s gaze.  "Honesty, no.”

“Why the fuck not!?” Crowley asked, voice raising in volume again.

thought about it a moment, then shrugged.  "I don’t know.  They just
seemed normal.  Like a guy and a couple girls who…,“ he said, then
trailed off when he realized how bizarre it was.  It felt as if his
brain shuddered to a stop, shifted, then started again.  "Uhm, yeah, so
finding a dude and a couple of chicks floating around in space wasn’t

“Think so?” Crowley asked, sarcasm heavy on his tongue.

was more than the fact that they looked human,” Sam said, shifting on
the couch, arms getting sore in the awkward position.  "None of us felt
threatened by them.  The opposite, in fact.“

"What do you mean?”
one of the strangers in the room asked.  He had a near manic expression
on his face, and took a step toward Sam when he spoke to him.

“And you are?” Sam asked.

uhm, sorry,” the man said, instantly transitioning from intense, almost
hyper, and suddenly he was awkward and smiling and shy, taking a step
back and ducking his head.  "My name’s Chuck.  Chuck Shurley.  Well,
Pro-Professor Shurley, but…  Call me Chuck.  My name’s Chuck.“

caught Benny’s eye, almost chuckling out loud when he saw the predatory
expression on his crew mate’s face.  Yeah, Benny liked them shy and
dorky.  He admitted it openly.

"Okay, Chuck,” Sam said, nodding at
the man, “what I meant was that we were drawn to them.  They felt
familiar and comfortable.  It wasn’t unusual to find one or more of us
in the cargo bay in our off hours sitting near one of them and reading
or taking a quick nap.  Charlie read to them.”

“Hey, I think she liked Lord of the Rings,” Charlie said in self-defense.

“S-she liked it?” Chuck asked, stepping forward again, that manic gleam in his eyes.

you guys fill us in?” Dean asked.  "We’re still handcuffed, I don’t
know what we’ve done wrong, and the entire base is on lockdown.  I don’t
really know as this is the time to talk about how most of us told him
all our hopes and dreams.“

"You spoke to her?” Chuck asked,
crouching down beside the couch and gazing at Dean, enthralled.  "More
than just reading to her or making noise, you talked to her? Did you talk to all of them?“

Dean took a look at each of his crew members, then nodded at Chuck.  "Yeah.  We didn’t really think about it.  We just did it.”

“Did they talk back?” Chuck asked.

“All right, I think that’s enough,” another man said.

Walker, this is important!” Chuck said, quickly standing up and
spinning around so fast he almost fell over.  "If they have telepathic

"Now just hold on a damn minute!” Crowley said, holding
out his arms.  "There’s no reason to send everyone into a panic over
this.  We need the crew to tell us what happened, then we’ll know better
how to find them.“

"Whoa, wait,” Dean said just as Charlie let
out a little noise of distress.  She’d spent the most time with their
extra passengers, and she’d developed an even stronger bond with one of
the females because of it.  "Find them?  They’re missing?“

"I told
you they didn’t know!” Chuck said, waving his arms around.  It was
obvious it wasn’t the first or even tenth time he’d said it.

right, fine,” Crowley said as he rolled his eyes, then he motioned to
the guards.  "Get the handcuffs off them.  They didn’t help the aliens
escape.  They didn’t even know the things were missing.“

were they last seen?” Dean asked just as Charlie stood up and asked,
“What did you do to them?” and Kevin let out a loud “Hey!” as he hurried
to the window, arms still cuffed behind his back.

“What?” Crowley asked, more annoyed than curious.

“What’s that?” Kevin asked, using his left shoulder to point across the city.

moved over to the window and watched as a blue beam of light circled
around a building, then spiraled off toward the west end of the city.

“Was that them?” Kevin asked.  "Is that how they move now?  Are they fucking beams of light?!“

think you all need to see something,” Walker said, voice weary in a way
that said he’d been up too many hours without a good night’s rest.


“What the fuck is it?” Benny asked.

all gathered around the examination table, the bare bulbs overhead
bathing the figure on the table with enough light that everyone could
see it, even if they couldn’t understand what it was.

Ruby stepped
up to the opposite side of the table, her laptop held tightly in her
arms and in stark contrast to the white lab coat she was wearing.  
“Almost an hour ago this was my lab tech.”

It almost looked like a
skeleton, but the eyes were still intact, and the skin hadn’t so much
been stripped away as it seemed to have shrunken down, clinging to the
bones.  It was worse than a victim of starvation, which was saying

“A human?” Kevin asked.

Ruby gave him a glare
that would’ve killed him if looks could kill.  "Yes.  He was human.  
Perfectly healthy and very competent.“

"What happened?” Dean asked.

“Watch this,” Ruby said as she opened her laptop and started a video.

could see the male alien standing in a lab beside a table.  His eyes
were open and he was very close to a man in a lab coat.  The alien
reached up and cupped the man’s face, then leaned in and kissed him.  
The man didn’t flinch or pull away.  In fact, he relaxed, letting the
alien wrap its arms around him and kiss him deeply.

The alien
pulled back just a bit, and the man in lab coat opened his mouth on a
silent scream, blue light pouring out of his mouth and into the alien’s

Dean’s stomach clenched as he watched the alien suck every
bit of blue light from the man, in the meantime the man shriveled, his
body withering until, with sudden clarity, Dean realized the body on the
table in front of them was the man in the lab coat on the video.  The
alien had sucked everything out of the man.

“And you lost him?!” Dean said when the video stopped, voice raised and maybe a little too loud in the room.

Ruby turned her glare on Crowley.  "I didn’t, but he did.“

Crowley blushed.  He actually blushed, and Dean did a double take.  He didn’t think the man even had the capacity to blush.

came in,” Walker drawled, “just as the alien let go of Crowley.  It
didn’t suck him dry like it did with the lab tech, and we don’t know if
it’s because the alien had its fill with the lab tech or if Crowley
tasted sour.”

“Hey!” Crowley said, frowning at the man.

“Do you have any other explanation?” Walker asked, one eyebrow arching upward.

Crowley sighed.  "He was done.  He was full.“

"How do you know that?” Ruby asked, suddenly very interested.

“I just knew,” Crowley said, frowning as he tried to figure it out in his own head.

knew the feeling because he’d been doing it for over a month.  He knew
when Cas was too cold or too warm.  He knew when Jo was lonely or
overwhelmed by Benny’s whistling.  He even knew when Jess was amused by
the jokes Kevin was telling him on a daily basis.

Cas?  Jo and Jess?

name is Cas,” Dean blurted.  When everyone turned to look at him, he
nodded.  "Yeah, his name is Castiel, but he goes by Cas.“

"Jess,” Kevin said, a fondness in his tone of voice.

“Jo,” Charlie said, smiling.

Ruby, and Chuck all seemed completely confused by the new information,
but everyone else in the room was too busy realizing they already knew
the names of the aliens.

“Do you know why they were floating around in space?” Ruby asked.

was their ship,” Charlie said, then her eyes widened and she covered
her mouth, as if she couldn’t figure out why the words came out.

“They were stranded,” Benny said.

Sam nodded.  "They’d been drifting around for centuries like that.“

ship broke down,” Dean said, looking at the body on the table.  
“Everyone else on board died as the ship’s energy dwindled, unable to
support the thousands of lives on board, and if we wouldn’t have saved
the three of them, they would’ve been dead within the next decade.”

“None of you thought to share this with us before?” Ruby asked, and Dr. Walker seemed to be just as annoyed as she was.

“I didn’t really think about it,” Dean said, shrugging.

let out a huff of laughter.  "It’s like it was in the back of my mind
the whole time, but even when you asked about them, I didn’t think to
say any of that.  It’s just a bunch of unimportant facts stuck in my

"Do you know what they’re doing here?” Chuck asked.  "Do you know what they want or where they’re going?“

Dean shrugged.  "He needs to-”

scrambled back as the body on the table came to life, sitting up and
letting out a horrific screeching sound.  Charlie covered her ears and
shoved herself into the corner of the room while Benny grabbed the
nearest stainless steel lamp and started swinging at the creature.

guards at the door pulled out their weapons, but everyone in the room
was just trying to get out of the way of the thing, and they couldn’t
get a clean shot as it screamed and thrashed about.

Just as it
opened its mouth and got a hold of Kevin, pulling him close, Benny hit
it in the head with the lamp.  The thing fell to the floor and screamed
even louder, then it suddenly exploded into a fine dust that rained down
over all of them.

Everyone stood still for a moment, waiting to
see if anything else was going to happen, and when it seemed all was
well, Dr. Walker pulled out his cell phone and headed out of the room,
Crowley trailing behind him and pulling out his own cell phone.  The
guards followed while Ruby seemed interested in gathering some of the
dust from her lab tech.  She filled a small vial before walking over to
her microscope.

Chuck grinned at the crew.  "You guys can find them.  I bet you any amount of money.“

"How do you know?” Dean asked, frowning.

“You’re connected,” Chuck said.  "All of you are connected to them.  A telepathy or mental transference.  It can happen.“

"What the fuck are you talking about?” Dean asked, pulling a face.

had a theory for years now, and I’ve never been able to prove it,”
Chuck said, smiling.  "Now I have proof.  It’s right on the video.  
Living proof that the vampires of legend were real, but they weren’t
from Earth.“

Kevin let out a bark of laughter.  "Vampires?  Are you serious?!”

I’m very serious,” Chuck said.  "I believe they’ve been here before.  
Visited us.  They take our life energy or our life force, and all the
stories we read about and everything they’ve turned into movies for
years now has been because of these aliens.“

"That sounds…,” Kevin said, trailing off and shaking his head.

Chuck asked, then nodded.  "I know.  But think about it.  They feed off
the energy in a human.  What’s left behind appears dead, and when it
reanimates, we also get what’s portrayed as zombies.  I believe these
creatures are responsible for a huge percentage of the awesome movies
out there!“

"So what do we do?” Dean asked.  "What’s going to happen?“

are you doing standing around, you twits!?” Crowley yelled as he
stomped down the hallway.  "It’s completely fucked out there!  People
are being attacked all over the city, and as of the last twenty minutes,
the victims have started to come back to life like the lab tech, and
we’ve got a fucking zombie apocalypse on our hands!“

The crew didn’t know what to say, and Crowley was getting more and more agitated as he stood in the doorway.

"So where are they?” Crowley asked, face turning red.

felt it.  He knew without a doubt where Cas and the girls were, and as
Dean looked to each of his crew mates, he saw recognition in their eyes.
 They knew too.

“I don’t know, sir,” Dean said.

“Fuck!” Crowley yelled, then stomped out of the room, yelling obscenities as he went.

“What do we do?” Jody asked.

Ruby frowned.  "About what?“

"They’re going to try to kill them,” Sam said.  "We have to get to them first.“

can’t hear this,” Ruby said, covering her ears as she walked out of the
exam room.  "If you guys need anything, just take it.“

Jody gestured toward Ruby.  "What’s up with her?”

Benny chuckled.  "She spent time with them.  She knows where they are but she doesn’t wanna get in trouble and lose her job.“

come with me

Charlie headed for the door.  "She’s calling me.  They wants us to come.”

shared a look with Sam, and when his brother shrugged, Dean took off
after Charlie.  They were going to find them.  They had to.

On the
way out of the building, they secured as many weapons as they could
find, but it wasn’t much.  The building was mostly abandoned, and three
handguns, four switchblades, and a sword off the wall of Crowley’s
office was it.  It wasn’t much, but it would have to do.

stepped out the front door of the building and all stared up at the sky.
 It was beautiful.  Blue lights swirling and weaving, all flowing up
toward the sky.  The sun had set, and it just made the lights even
prettier.  For a moment, Dean was lost in the beauty of it all.

come with me

This time Dean felt that it wasn’t just his name, but rather all
of them.  Cas, Jess, and Jo were calling all of them.  They needed the

“Over there,” Jody said, pointing toward a truck in the
parking lot.  It was only a two-door, but the bed of the truck was big
enough for all of them.

“I’m driving,” both Benny and Dean said at the same time.

took off running, smiling when he heard Benny growl and take off after
him.  Dean wasn’t worried.  He was much better at hot wiring vehicles
than Benny.


Driving through the city was both terrifying
and exhilarating.  The infection or whatever it was had spread, and
zombie-like shells of what used to be humans were wandering the streets,
sucking the life out of humans and turning them into something that
would awaken an hour later to do the same thing to another human.

Benny, Jody, Ash, and Kevin were in the back of the truck, beating off
anyone that got too close while Kevin stayed in the cab of the truck
with a handgun, having been picked for the job because he was the best
shot of all of them, especially in a moving vehicle.

Dean was
driving, and it was a rough ride as they bounced over bodies and debris
from the burning buildings crashing down around them.

“It’s souls,
you know,” Kevin said, ducking so he could see all the blue lights
streaming up into the sky.  "They’re collecting souls.“

"Are you going to try and stop them?” Dean asked, already sure of his own answer to that question.

Kevin was quiet for a moment, then shook his head.  "No.“

turned down a street, then came to a screeching halt when he saw a
large mob of zombies headed their way.  "Hang on!” he yelled out the
window behind him, then threw the truck into reverse and squealed back
around the corner before taking off down another street.  It would take
them longer to get to Cas, but at least they wouldn’t have to deal with
the zombie mob.

The closer they got to where Cas, Jess, and Jo
were, the more bodies they drove over and the more Dean had to avoid
zombies.  He drove to the steps of the cathedral, the bodies piled so
high it felt as though they’d driven up a mountain.

“Let’s go!” Dean said, getting out of the truck and climbing over the bodies leading up to the doors of the cathedral.


It was louder.  Vibrating through his head and body.  Even if he
wanted to turn away, which he didn’t, it would’ve been impossible to
ignore.  It was a physical pull, and Dean didn’t want to fight it.

turned just as a dozen or so zombies crawled over the pile of bodies on
the steps.  There were too many for them to fight off, but all of them
had their weapons ready.

It turned out they didn’t need them.  
Electricity sliced though the air and bright blue light, then suddenly
Jess and Jo were standing to either side of the doors to the cathedral.

inside,” the girls said, then turned their attention to the zombies,
and with only a slight change in their expressions, light shot out of
their chests and hit the zombies, obliterating them.

Dean ran for
the doors, and the rest of his crew followed.  Once inside the
cathedral, everything was quiet.  There were no bodies.  No zombies.  No
mayhem like outside.  Confident Jess and Jo would protect them, the
crew ventured further inside.

Blue light filled the giant room,
the high ceilings only accentuating the beauty of all the lights
swirling and swishing through the air.


All of them knew Cas was at the center of those blue lights, and
as they approached him, he glowed with the light, holding his arms out
and calling to them.

“You came for me,” Cas said, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Jo and Jess came up behind them and took them by the hand until all of them stood in the middle of the room.

“We need you,” Cas said, pulling Sam and Dean closer to him.  "We need all of you.“

"I know,” Sam said just as Dean and Benny said, “You can have us.”

blue light intensified, and as Cas, Jess, and Jo pulled the clothes off
the crew, Dean could feel the bond getting stronger.  It was as if all
of them were one, but he could still remember who he was, and he could
feel each of the others inside and outside of his body.

Cas pushed
him down to the floor, Sam already kissing Cas until they were in a
pile, bodies all around them, moving and touching and caressing.  
Charlie’s hair brushed over his back as Benny’s beard burned his leg and
Ash’s moans tickled his left knee.

Someone was inside him, Sam
fucking him while Jody sucked his cock and Cas kissed him while Dean
pushed his fingers into Jody’s pussy, which was already full with Cas’

Kevin was fucking Jess’ pussy while Ash fucked her ass, the
three of them kissing and licking, sloppy with spit and hands

Jo was eating Charlie out with enthusiasm while Benny
fucked Jo’s ass, Jess reaching up to twist Charlie’s nipples and making
Charlie squeal with delight.

They were separate beings, but Dean
could feel it all.  They were inside each other’s heads and a bond had
already been formed too strong for anyone to break it.

Dean knew everything.  He knew where the vampires had come from eons
ago.  Their home planet dying out and their top scientists betting on a
last chance, sending out twenty thousand of their brightest and best on a
ship that could sustain them for long enough they were sure they’d find
a place to start over again.

But it hadn’t worked out.  Not many
planets could support their life, and any that did already had
inhabitants.  Centuries ago when they’d visited Earth, it had been
obvious the humans had potential, and so they continued their search.

the time they realized it was too late, that they’d run out of time,
they set the ship on a course for Earth again, hoping they’d make it,
and locked themselves into their pods.

Earth was perfect, but it
was nearly full of humans.  Humans who were destroying each other, and
when the crew took them aboard, Cas, Jo, and Jess knew what they had to

“Come with us,” Cas said, breaking away from Sam’s lips long enough to say the words, then pull Dean closer and kiss him.

had changed, and Dean didn’t even care.  They were all fucking and
kissing, licking and squeezing, and it was the best thing Dean had ever

“Yes,” they said collectively.

“We can start over,” Jess said.

all those souls they’d collected, Dean knew they’d have enough to start
a new civilization.  They could fix the ship, find a new planet, and
start over.  As he let his mind wander, picturing it, Cas shook his

“No, they’re just fuel,” Cas said.

Dean blinked at Cas
for a moment, his head spinning as Cas, Jo, and Jess passed more
information to the group through their telepathic bond.  Earth was dying
too, and the only planet close enough that fit the criteria was still
too far away to make it on any of the resources on Earth.

Unless they used the souls.

“Fuck,” Dean breathed.  Or at least he thought he did.  Maybe it was all of them.  Or maybe he only thought it.

“Come with us,” Cas, Jo, and Jess said.

closed his eyes and thought about all those people, the world he’d
known his entire life.  The beautiful Earth he’d seen from space.

“Yes,” they said collectively.

ground shook and the building around them started to crumble as souls
from all over the planet streamed into the center of the room and pushed
open the roof.

The crew held on tight, letting Cas, Jess, and Jo
pull them up through the light and back onto the ship, the rest of the
souls from Earth feeding directly into the net that had deployed a month

The ship powered up, the life support coming back online,
and the engines firing.  As the ship took off, the last of the souls
slipping off into space, Dean held on tightly to his brother and Cas,
watching through the front window as they flew toward their new home,
his crew members along with Jess and Jo close by and staring wide-eyed
and with excitement running through their veins.

They were starting over.

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