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Title: The Beast Wincestiel
Sam/Dean/Cas, Abaddon/Naomi, Sam/Dean/Cas/Abaddon/Naomi
Word Count: 2k
Rating: R/Mature
poly relationships, slash, femslash, het, mentions of off-screen sexual relationships and acts, sentientbestiality, threesome, fivesome, siblingincest (Cas is Sam and Dean’s brother), crack, Cas’ long tongue
@spnpolybingo Square: Abaddon Castiel Dean Naomi Sam

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A/N: I’m not really sure how this came to me, and I’m not sorry 😛

The Beast Wincestiel

No one knew where it had gotten its name. The
creature was centuries old, and the tales of the brave knights who
fought the beast were merely bedtime stories for children.  No one did
anything like that anymore.

The creature named Wincestiel lived in the mountains, where not many people dared to go, but Abaddon never could let things go.

“I’m not waiting all day,” Abaddon said, frowning at her lover.

Naomi rolled her eyes.  "No, you’re not going!“

just going to have a nice picnic in the park,” Abaddon said, caressing
Naomi’s face and pulling her closer.  "You don’t want to have lunch with
me?  It could be very romantic.“

Naomi fought the urge to roll her eyes again.  "You’re not going to give up on this.”

smirked.  "Nope,“ she said, grabbing the cooler and hefting it over her
shoulder before walking out the front door of their cabin.

Naomi sighed, but she put her jacket on and followed the love of her life out the door.


"No, I like that one better,” Dean said, yanking them over to the next tree.

“No!  This one!” Sam growled, waving his head around and smacking the back of his skull into Dean’s neck.

Cas snorted, a little bit of fire poofing out his nostrils.  "If you can’t decide, we don’t eat today.“

Sam and Dean turned to look at the head between theirs, Dean shocked and Sam pissed.

"What?” Cas asked, then shrugged their shoulders.  "I’m tired of you two fighting all the time.  We’re hungry!“

Sam sighed and Dean scrunched his snout up, which meant he didn’t really want to agree, but he was going to anyway.

"Fine,” Dean said, using their left arm to pat their stomach, “let’s eat from the apple tree today.”

smiled, his big teeth on display as he reached up with their right hand
and used a claw to stab through an apple, pulling it down and popping
it into his mouth, munching happily.

“You just wanted apples
because you’re sick of getting fur stuck in your teeth,” Dean said,
letting Cas control their left arm as he reached out and grabbed another

Sam nodded.  "You’re right,“ he said, then held up another
apple and blew fire over it, careful not to burn their hand and arm.  
"Here, quit whining.”

Dean felt a warmth spread through their
chest as he opened his mouth and let Sam toss the apple in.  Dean loved
fired apples, and it was always more tasty when Cas or Sam cooked it for

“Thanks, Sammy,” Dean said, munching on his apple.

“Did you hear that?” Cas asked, their body tensing.

Dean frowned as Sam sniffed the air.  Yes, they could smell it.  Humans.

“Do we hide?” Cas asked, moving their body a few steps toward their cave.

Sam shook his head.  "No, we have to deal with it or they’ll start bothering us again.“

Dean sniffed the air again.  "I… I think it’s two women.  They’re sending their women after us?  What are they gonna do?”

Cas gasped.  "Maybe they want us to try for another human dragon hybrid!“

Dean and Sam both turned toward him and scowled.

Cas shrugged their shoulders.  "What?!  It was fun!”

“Yeah, for you,” Dean grumbled.

in the middle,” Sam said, rolling his eyes, “so they assumed all that
was you,” he said as he waved their arm at their body.

“Hey, I’ve got moves,” Cas said, pouting, which looked completely ridiculous on a dragon.

“They acted like we didn’t even exist!” Dean said, eyes wide.

“Maybe they just thought you two were annoying,” Cas said.

and Sam would’ve taken it as an insult had they not known Cas as long
as they had.  He was only trying to explain the humans’ behavior, not
insult his brothers.

“Well we’d better do something about it,”
Dean said, moving them toward the sound of the women hacking their way
through the forest.

Sam huffed as their dick started to poke through the sheath.  "Really, guys?!  Which one of you is already that excited?“

Cas ducked his head and didn’t speak, so both Dean and Sam knew who was responsible for it.

"Hi!” Sam said, smiling as they walked up to the two women.

They stood almost five feet taller than the humans, which meant the women had to strain their necks to look up at them.

“Whoa!” Dean said, holding out their arms when the redhead pulled out a sword.  "What the fuck?!“

"Get back, beast!” the redhead said, waving the sword.

“It speaks!” the blonde said, eyes wide as she stumbled back, falling down on her ass.

“Hell yeah, we speak,” Dean said, but then Cas smacked his head onto Dean’s neck, so Dean shut his mouth.

“I’m sorry we startled you,” Sam said, backing them up a couple steps.  "We don’t get a lot of visitors out here.“

redhead lunged forward and poked them in the stomach.  It wasn’t sharp
enough to penetrate their skin, and Cas was extremely ticklish, so as
they fell to the forest floor, Cas giggling and waving their arms and
legs, Dean and Sam just rolled their eyes, sighing.

Dean was
pleased to see that the redhead backed off, confused by their behavior
instead of aiming her next thrust for one of their throats.

"That tickled!” Cas said as they sat up, using their tail to stand.

The redhead was more confused than the blonde, and when the blonde stepped forward, she held out her hand.

“My name is Naomi,” she said, confident in a way she really hadn’t been before they’d fallen on the floor, laughing like dorks.

Naomi,” Sam said, waving their right hand.  "Nice to meet you.  I’m
Sam, and the ticklish one is Cas.  Dean is on the far end there.“

The redhead shook herself out of her shock and lowered her sword.  "Ticklish?” she asked, frowning.

used their hands to rub their tummy right where the redhead had poked
them with the sword.  "Yes, you tickled me with your pointy thing.“

Naomi giggled, then covered her mouth with her hand as the redhead scowled at her.

"You aren’t going to fight us?” the redhead asked.

“Uhm, no,” Dean said, shaking his head.  "Why would we do that?“

Naomi turned to the redhead.  "You see?  I told you the legends were only fairy tales, Abaddon!”

to meet you!” Cas said, thrusting out their right hand like they’d seen
humans do so many years ago when they met other humans.

looked up at them.  "Fairy tales?  All those stories about the beast
Wincestiel leveling towns and burning people alive before it ate them.  
Those were just fairy tales?“

Dean laughed, holding their belly as Sam scowled and Cas shook his head.

"No,” Cas said, “none of those stories are true.  We won’t hurt you.  In fact, we thought you were here to-oomph!”

held their hand over Cas’ snout.  "What our brother means to say is
that we mean you no harm.  We’re happy here and as long as you don’t try
to kill us or force us out of our home, we’re pretty nice.“

shook his head, trying to forcibly take control of their left hand
again, but when that didn’t work, he used their right hand to knock the
left away, and he scowled at Dean.

"That was uncalled for,” he complained.  "You have no idea why they’re here!  Maybe they want human dragon hybrid babies.  Have you asked?“

Dean sighed as Sam made their feet shuffle nervously.

Abaddon asked, glancing down at the little bit of pink poking out of
their sheath.  "No, we weren’t looking for babies.“

Cas was so disappointed all three of them felt it.  "Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Abaddon said.

Naomi reached out and put a hand on Abaddon’s shoulder.  "Maybe we should discuss this.“

Abaddon blinked at Naomi for a moment.  "Excuse me?”

“Well, we’ve wanted kids for years now,” Naomi said, then shrugged.

Cas got so excited they poked out of their sheath even more, and Dean turned to him, eyes wide.

“Dude, really?!” Dean said, using their left hand to cover themselves.

Sam held out their right hand.  "Nothing to worry about, m’lady,“ he said to the women, worried they’d be scared.

"She sounds interested!” Cas said, defending himself as they poked out of their sheath more and more.

chuckled, and then she giggled, and then she was belly laughing,
holding her stomach and leaning over.  They all stared at her.

sorry,” she said, in between giggles.  "This is so completely different
than how I thought this day would go.  Here we are discussing babies
with a dragon in the forest while the dragon fights with itself about
its little penis poking out.“

Abaddon smirked, and then she was giggling too.  "You can’t make this shit up.”

“We’re not an it,” Cas said, frowning.  "And our penis is average to large, thank you very much.“

started giggling again, and she held her hands out.  "I’m sorry.  That
was very rude of me.  I’m sure it’s a very large penis.”

stood them up straighter.  "Yeah, it is.  And who says we’d let you
carry our babies anyway,“ he said, looking down his snout at them.

forced away the laughter.  "I’m sorry.  Really.  I didn’t mean to
insult you.  This was just very unexpected, and I know you’re not an it.
 You three are very lovely, and I’m glad we met you.”

Cas smiled.  "So you want to fuck?“

Sam sighed, shrugging their shoulders as he gave up.

Dean turned to Cas.  "Dude!”

stuck out his tongue at Dean, and both women gasped.  Cas turned to the
women, smirking.  "Did you like that?“ he asked, sticking his tongue
out again and letting it unfurl, wiggling the tip back and forth.  It
was very long.

"Uhm, y-yes, that’s quite impressive,” Abaddon said, eyes wide as she stared at his tongue.

“They like my tongue,” Cas whispered loudly as he leered at Dean.

Dean huffed out a laugh.  "You act like you haven’t gotten laid in decades.“

"We haven’t!” Cas said.

“Dude, I blew us just this morning!” Dean said, holding up their arms.

“And I fingered us while he was blowing us!” Sam said.

“That’s not the same,” Cas said, frowning.  "I like fucking,“ he said as he thrust their hips forward and back.

"Oh,” the women said at the same time, eyes on their penis, which was even further out of their sheath.

“Well, uhm,” Naomi said, turning to Abaddon, “I suppose we need to, like, talk about it, right?”

looked to Naomi, then back at the rather large penis poking out of the
sheath.  "Ah, well, maybe we’ve talked about it enough.  You’re right.  
We have wanted a baby for years now.“

"And the fertility clinics are expensive,” Naomi said, shrugging.

“And human dragon hybrids are totally adorable,” Abaddon said, then reached up and ran a finger over her lower lip.

“I’m really good at the fucking,” Cas said, moving their hips again.

Dean reached up and smacked Cas’ neck with their left hand.  "Dude!“

"I think they’ll assume we’re all good at it,” Sam said, and Cas nodded.  "We can’t hid the fact that we’re all in one body.“

"True,” Dean said, nodding.

“So?” Cas asked, grinning at the women.

“Okay, let’s do this thing,” Abaddon said, then started to strip out of her clothes.

“Whoa, whoa,” Sam said, holding their arms out.  Both women froze.  "We’re not just a toy.“

"Yeah, at least have dinner with us first,” Dean said.

Cas sighed.  "They’re right.  We enjoy spending time with people.  Have you ever had fired apples?“

Naomi smiled, amused by the creature.  "No, can’t say as I have.”

“Well, then you’re in for a treat,” Dean said as they turned around and headed for the tree they were just eating from.

“Follow us!” Sam said over their shoulder.  "We’ll make you the best fired apples you’ll ever taste!“

"And when we’re finished eating the apples,” Cas said, “we’ll eat you out.”

Dean grinned when he heard the women hurry to pick up their things and follow them.

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