evenifidie: pimentogirl: digital painting – you don’t wanna know how long it took… you’d cry for me…  “Erm Cas…does Dean know you have a cat in his room?” “Her name is Allie.” “Hm, Alley Cat… good one.” “You misunderstand Sam.  Her full name is Allegra.  Dean said it was an appropriate name for our cat …

list 6 random things about yourself

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1. The carpet does not match the drapes, but it’s not because I dye my hair. They’re just naturally different.

2. I used a pacifier until I was 6 years old, and even then I only gave it up because my mom warned me kids at school could be mean about it when I was about to start 1st grade.

3. My family uses a lot of German slang, one of which was for my pacifier, but it wasn’t until just a few years ago that we all learned the word we were using for it was slang for penis.

4. I don’t like the taste of fish, and it grosses me out so badly that I have to not pay attention to people eating it around me or I’ll start gagging and eventually throw up, but when I was a teenager I ate a ton of crab legs, for some reason.

5. One of my favorite things to eat for dinner is noodles with melted cheese and ketchup.

6. I’m kinda really really addicted to Agar.io, a massively multiplayer game that’s very simple, yet very challenging all at the same time 🙂

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I honestly didn’t expect you to like this fic. I am SO very happy you did! 😀 And I know!!! Blunt Cas is everything, tbh. Although I had lots of fun writing Sam & Dean as well.  

I don’t know why you didn’t expect me to like it. Because it’s fluff? Nah, the blunt!Cas we’re-going-to-have-sex-now-and-I-know-you-guys-do-it-already thing is totally adorable 😀