Cover Art for Fic

I have no idea where to post for something like this, but I’d like to get cover art for a few of my fics.

When it comes to creating something, I’ve got the programs and the skills, but I’m not an artistically creative thinker (at least regarding visual art). So even though I manip’d the header for Her Turn, I had a really clear idea of what I wanted with that fic. That was a fluke!

Resonance and Alpha House ‘verses, not so much. I have no clue what to start with. I originally came up with the name for the Resonance ‘Verse because I liked the definition of “resonance” and how it tied in with the fic. How to create art for it? No clue.

And with Alpha House ‘Verse, I have even less of a clue.

I can’t really do a reverse bang situation or a trade because the fics are already written and posted. Although I could trade manips and/or fic. If someone had something particular in mind, like either a prompt fic or something they want a banner for, I could be all over that!

So I’m a little stuck. And I don’t know if I should just mess around with different things until something looks good, which would suck because I’m really busy lately, and that time could be better spent writing or reading some fics I need to catch up on and catching up on the million other things I’m supposed to be doing!

Any input is welcome 🙂