19k Words
No Warnings
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Sam has his soul back, but the brothers aren’t quite as home free as they’d hoped. Dean doesn’t realize that there’s still an outstanding contract on his own soul, meaning that unless they come up with a plan before the demons can figure out who gets to collect on it, he’s still bound for Hell and all his worst memories. The answer comes in the form of an old adversary who can provide Dean with the protection he needs. All he has to do is offer everything he is to Gabriel’s alternate persona. To Loki. Dean figures they’re all pretty much screwed.

Why I Rec It I don’t re-read a lot of fics, but this one I’ve read more than once. Morganoconner’s writing style is always interesting, and this is no exception. There’s plot, there’s ritual magic, there’s angst, and there’s bonding. It’s not just sex. There’s a huge story. But the sex is great too.


Dean/Gabriel is the main pairing, but there’s also Sam/Castiel. Instead of feeling as if morganoconner just threw Sam and Cas together so they wouldn’t feel left out, the pairing holds its own. Their lives intertwine in interesting ways and the bad guys are scary. All in all, a great read.

10k Words
No Warnings
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One night Reddington stares long and hard at Donald, who’s a few drinks past tipsy, before asking, “Have you ever had sex with a man, Agent Ressler?” and Donald almost chokes on his scotch.

Why I Rec It This was my first Blacklist fic. I haven’t found a whole lot of Red/Donald fic out there, but in my original search it came up, I read it right away. I really liked it! The idea of Red wooing Donald was just totally adorable, and yet he was still Red, not some lovesick puppy.


It’s under 10k words, but it still feels like a slow build, and the ending is satisfying kinda like the show; in an inexplicable way.

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