places to find me

I have the username Mayalaen at all these places:

  1. AO3
  2. Pillowfort
  3. LiveJournal
  4. Gmail
  5. Hotmail
  6. Pinboard
  7. Dreamwidth
  8. Instagram
  9. Twitter
  10. Discord (Mayalaen#5520)
  11. Wattpad
  13. YouTube
  14. Diigo
  15. IMDb
  16. Patreon

And I also have a website (I don’t keep it updated). There are probably more places I’m signed up with, but this should be more than enough for you to find me if you want to 🙂

replied to your post “if this site implodes”

Just tell me where to go. I was late to the tumblr game…and never did much beyond the original (fuck I’m old ��) and of course AO3. What other sites are there similar to tumblr?

From what I’ve seen

AO3 is the fan-friendly version of
Dreamwidth is the fan-friendly version of LiveJournal
Pillowfort is the fan-friendly version of Tumblr.

Pillowfort is down for maintenance at the moment, but they’re scrambling because they know people are jumping ship from Tumblr. Only problem is they’re not really ready for the load. They’re still doling out passes slowly and allowing people to pay for accounts with a small donation, which means people who have no money can’t sign up at the moment.

Maybe they’ll rework their account process because of the Tumblr issue.

Whatever happens, I’m very easy to find everywhere on the net because I always use this handle.

If you’re the type of person who uses different handles on different sites, keep in mind that I suck at remembering stuff like that, so just remind me who you are if you find me and I’m all clueless as to who you are 🙂

if this site implodes


I’m Mayalaen on pretty much every other site you can think of including Pillowfort. I’m easy to find and even my Gmail address is this username.

If you wouldn’t mind, lemme know what sites you’re on and your email address. I’ve found a lot of friends here and it would suck to lose touch with y’all 🙂

Reply to this, IM me your info, or send me an email. Thanks!

Given the new info, this post is even more importent. If you’re wondering whether this post applies to you, it does. If you follow me or interact at all, I’d like to know other places to find you.

I’ll probably keep my account here and post SFW stuff, but I’ll definitely be posting on Pillowfort and Dreamwidth.

This whole thing feels like the LJ purge all over again and I’m pretty sure soon they’ll be censoring fanfic too just like LJ.

alternative places to find us

This is Maya. I’m going to be backing up this blog on both Dreamwidth and Pillowfort, and don’t forget you can always find us on AO3.

I’m assuming several promos will be considered not safe for work.

I know fanfic isn’t going to be banned, but our challenge includes graphics, so give me some time to figure out what we’re doing and I’ll make an announcement with more info soon.

If you lose these links, you can always find me all over the net under the name Mayalaen, including a Gmail address.