Part 1 Primary Deviance is already being edited. Part 2 & 3 will be next. The edits include basic fixes for grammar and small issues, but I’ve also added 25k to Part 1 so far.

If you want to save copies of the ‘verse as is for yourself or share them, I’m totally fine with that, and if you don’t see this until after it’s been edited, feel free to message me for a copy of the originals.

There are currently 9 parts to the ‘verse, only 3 of which have been published on AO3 with the other 6 in various stages of completion. Another 15 or so parts are planned, but I haven’t started writing them yet.

I post updates here as well as Twitter and Dreamwidth. You can also subscribe on AO3 for updates.

I’m also currently working on a Discord server for the entire ‘verse since AO3 doesn’t allow hyperlinks, and there’s a ton of stuff readers can’t access in my shared/open G00gle Drive folders including diagrams, Sims 3 set recreations, outlines, character info, and other fun stuff.

There are 12 parts in various stages of writing/editing with a total of 29 parts in the ‘verse. I’m not sure all those will end up being written and posted, but I’m really enjoying this series, and the content keeps flowing, so I’m riding it until the end.

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